Responsive Templates

Meta-analysis Framework

Integrate sources of information in original way using the postgenomic Content Management System.

RESTful BioCurations (RBiC) is an explicit tool to create Web resources for integrating diverse information.

Laboratory Data Management

Keep data and arrange information in an original way. Domesticate your data to make  use of it.

Sci Social Networking

Exploit crowdsourcing to tackle the avalanche of unprocessed raw information.

Integrated solution for in-house centralized knowledge warehouse. Gaining the information on the Bio-Internet surfing habits of employees.

Knowledge Design

Computational cognitive model for dynamic problem solving in next generation web.

Served as a package of programs and shells to perform data- and text-mining.

Proteins/genes, small molecules, diseases and other information entities are related to each other within the self-sufficient knowledge domain.

Contribute the Science by Creating Your Own Web-Product

Use our templates to develop brand new products that best fit to you and your colleagues

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